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Word Example of - create

    Example Sentences for create

    But the statesman cannot create or mould a social order at will.

    It is too difficult to invent and create an institution, for a purpose, out of nothing.

    One should not even know more about a thing than one could create.

    Evidently all forms of suggestion tend to create an atmosphere of delusion.

    By that I mean it should not be so small as to create the possibility of the wire breaking.

    I am not telling you a romance, in order to excite your compassion, or to create sympathy.

    A mother cannot create in her child any quality which she may desire no matter how she conducts herself.

    The cause will raise up armies; the cause will create navies.

    And in the like manner do the vicious, with their guilty features, create in us as deep aversion to their vice.

    She had found the answer to her discontent; for to create, to give out, is the law.

Word Origin & History of - create

    Word Origin & History

    create late 14c., from L. creatus, pp. of creare "to make, produce," related to crescere "arise, grow" (see crescent).