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Word Example of - created

    Example Sentences for created

    All this created an enormous sum for the secours, which was the real "relief," as benevolence.

    Until he has created love where there was none, and then gets it for his pains.

    At Copenhagen, where they called at the court, they created quite a sensation.

    It was the chief cause of the downfall of the state which had been created by it.

    It is never too late to prove God's existence if the world is created.

    When the "George Washington" reached Constantinople, she created a sensation.

    People were not created for offices, but offices for the people.

    One is created, the other is corrupted, as the word might be properly rendered.

    Both these states have been created by God, and both are His gifts to man.

    If you smile at Bones, you smile at the glorious spirit of enterprise which has created Empire.

Word Origin & History of - created

    Word Origin & History

    create late 14c., from L. creatus, pp. of creare "to make, produce," related to crescere "arise, grow" (see crescent).