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Word Example of - crew

    Example Sentences for crew

    Two-thirds of her crew are drunk, t'other third are ashore or sick.

    Silently the American crew waited, listening for every sound.

    I nudge Wurpz and Zahooli as the Neofeuhrer goes over to converse with his crew.

    We saved all her crew and from one of them I learned what became of Hernandez.

    The crew of the "Liberty" was fairly surprised, and made no resistance.

    I only wish I had you and your crew to run the Islander for me.

    Her crew consisted of about a dozen Krumen and a few Europeans.

    Gopher had dined all on board but the crew, who had turned in before I did.

    There was, as I have said, none of her crew on board save a watch of two men.

    He complied with my request, and sent all his crew on board to help.

Word Origin & History of - crew

    Word Origin & History

    crew c.1437, from O.Fr. creue "an increase, recruit, military reinforcement," from fem. pp. of creistre "grow," from L. crescare "arise, grow." Meaning "people acting or working together" is first attested 1570. "Gang of men on a warship" is from 1692. Crew-cut first attested 1938, so called because the style was originally adopted by boat crews at Harvard and Yale.

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