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"crew-cut Synonyms"

What is a better word for crew-cut? What's another word for crew-cut? What are 5 "crew-cut synonyms"? How can I replace the word crew-cut? What is the meaning of crew-cut in English?

Word Example of - crew-cut

    Example Sentences for crew-cut

    He turned to a burly youth with sun-bleached, crew-cut hair, "Still safe, Frank?"

    The crew-cut Nick was in the act of handing up the first piece of baggage.

    The crew-cut, Tony, came to the part of the deck where Terry worked.

    The bartender, a tall man with crew-cut reddish hair, raised his eyebrows in a questioning fashion.

    Davis did not even glance at it, but beckoned to one of the crew-cut young men who'd unloaded the tender.

    Five minutes later he stepped into the galley, his dark, crew-cut hair still damp.

    When it was up to pressure, a trap-door in the floor of the dome opened and a crew-cut, blond young man stuck his head up.

    His crew-cut was growing out, but it was from neglect rather than a sudden artistic temperament, I was sure.

Word Origin & History of - crew-cut

    Word Origin & History of crew-cut

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