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Word Example of - crimp

    Example Sentences for crimp

    It was made by Crimp, of Nassau Street, and box and all cost four pound twelve.'

    That may put a crimp in their plans, check the invasion up above.

    Explanation: Crimp the front hair, and raise it over the temples with a puff comb.

    The crimp, who had been brought on board with the others, then started forward.

    "She'd put a crimp in anything," declared Bobby Hargrew, as the Hill girls went home that afternoon.

    On this particular summer afternoon Cove City was less out of crimp than usual.

    Clean, and crimp him by gashing the sides deeply with a sharp knife.

    H'm--this puts rather a crimp in Little's plans--I'll see him to-morrow.

    They say he give a screech that'd put a crimp in the devil himself, and went galloping off, jumping about twenty feet at a lick.

    The crimp remained in the boat, watching the men go on board.

Word Origin & History of - crimp

    Word Origin & History

    crimp 1638; O.E. had gecrympan "to crimp, curl," but the modern word is probably from M.Du. or L.Ger. crimpen/krimpen "to shrink, crimp." To put a crimp in (something) is 1896, U.S. slang.

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