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The Synonym of - cringing (noun)

Word Example of - cringing

    Example Sentences for cringing

    The bandit looked down in utter disgust at the cringing form.

    He spoke courteously, but there was no cringing in his manner.

    Before she knew this Beverley, I loved her; but like 434 a cringing fool, bowed at a distance, while He stept in and won her.

    Of the instant these slaves are cringing, are bowing to the earth.

    He thrust his fat hand, its nails bitten down to the quick and beyond, in front of the cringing alien's eyes.

    To her, he was a cringing suppliant, and she a distinct conqueror.

    So it is that I drag myself about—chafing and goaded—crouching and cringing like a whipped cur!

    From Lily's cringing back the Wildcat lifted the battle-scarred parrot.

    One of the men fetched him—a fat, cringing man, with a discursive eye and the odors of many kinds of meats upon him.

    He was cringing back, white-faced, from the edge of the gulch.

Word Origin & History of - cringing

    Word Origin & History

    cringe early 13c., from causative of O.E. cringan "give way, fall (in battle), become bent," from P.Gmc. *krank- "bend, curl up."

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