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Word Example of - cripple

    Example Sentences for cripple

    To cripple, to kill, to destroy with one terrible strokethat was his single passion.

    I would make every living thing a cripple, if I could, and I'd begin on you, you!

    With the body of a cripple he had the heart of a lion, and difficulties only made it more dauntless.

    He's too good a friend of mine to call me "Lefty" and remind me that I'm a cripple.

    A Spartan couple of great wealth and influence, had a daughter born to them who was a cripple from birth.

    "I am afraid he's done for," said Alfred, as he glanced toward the cripple.

    A few women with their children and a cripple ran away, thinking they might reach their village.

    The cripple's hand was raised up, and his eyes began to roll.

    He would have loved her as well, had she been a cripple, or deformed, just as she loved him in spite of his madness.

    I deny the right of man to cripple, mar, render sterile my youth and womanhood.

Word Origin & History of - cripple

    Word Origin & History

    cripple O.E. crypel, related to cryppan "to crook, bend," from P.Gmc. *krupilaz, and/or related to O.E. creopan "to creep."

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