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Word Example of - crisis

    Example Sentences for crisis

    I knew it was a crisis, and I carried it through with a dash.

    For the moment the crisis was averted by the events of the war.

    The Rebellion had then long been maturing, as you know; but just then came the crisis.

    It was evident to the leaders on both sides, that a crisis was at hand.

    Alvarado was alone, and had to meet the crisis on his own responsibility.

    The dramatist had explained at some length his views of the crisis in Russia.

    The crisis arrived in the afternoon of the first of the two days.

    No member who, in that crisis, did his duty had anything to fear.

    The moult, which precedes their metamorphosis, constitutes a crisis, as with the caterpillars of Lepidoptera.

    We want officers for our black troops—all we can raise in the present crisis.

Word Origin & History of - crisis

    Word Origin & History

    crisis c.1425, from Gk. krisis "turning point in a disease" (used as such by Hippocrates and Galen), lit. "judgment," from krinein "to separate, decide, judge," from PIE base *krei- "to sieve, discriminate, distinguish" (cf. Gk. krinesthai "to explain;" O.E. hriddel "sieve;" L. cribrum "sieve," crimen "judgment, crime," cernere (pp. cretus) "to sift, separate;" O.Ir. criathar, O.Welsh cruitr "sieve;" M.Ir. crich "border, boundary"). Transferred non-medical sense is 1627. A Ger. term for "mid-life crisis" is Torschlusspanik, lit. "shut-door-panic," fear of being on the wrong side of a closing gate.

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