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Word Example of - criterion

    Example Sentences for criterion

    I am well aware that such a vulgar test is no criterion whatever of a picture's real merit.

    His dress was rich enough—but dress is no criterion on a Mississippi steamboat.

    This faith, duly directed by reason, constitutes one criterion of truth.

    It was still a mystery to her, and likely to be; she had but one criterion to discover his real thoughts.

    There is no criterion of truth, either in sense or in reason.

    Plato believed most confidently there was such a criterion and standard.

    Of course to the sceptic this criterion may appear unsatisfactory, since it depends, not on direct knowledge, but on inference.

    Beauty of tone is the only criterion of the correct vocal action.

    Why should daddy be dining with that bold-looking woman when mother thought he was dining with a friend at the Criterion?

    The notion of the Ego cannot therefore supply us with this criterion.

Word Origin & History of - criterion

    Word Origin & History

    criterion 1660s, from Gk. kriterion "means for judging, standard," from krites "judge."

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