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Word Example of - critic

    Example Sentences for critic

    The Bellamy, says the critic, was only equal to the Cibber in expressing the ecstasy of love.

    First of all, the critic ought to be a person of sound judgment.

    I reminded my critic that we had seen together on our honeymoon at Pisa a tower that had been leaning for centuries.

    I attribute this to my early recognition of the true function of a critic.

    In addition to the work of the producer there must be considered the function of the critic.

    Jomini, his able critic, remained always of the same opinion.

    But M. Du Resnel, our poet's translator, is not behind-hand with the critic, in his judgment on the work.

    "Look, this is what the poor woman brought," said the angel to the critic.

    The critic of 1865, I may note, is specially hard upon the lad of 1850 for his ignorance of sound utilitarian authorities.

    The last thing to be said on Chesterton as a critic is by way of illustration.

Word Origin & History of - critic

    Word Origin & History

    critic 1580s, from L. criticus, from Gk. kritikos "able to make judgments," from krinein "to separate, decide" (see crisis). The Eng. word always had overtones of "censurer, faultfinder." "A perfect judge will read each work of wit

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