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Word Example of - critical

    Example Sentences for critical

    At this critical juncture Boris was seized with a fatal illness.

    We extract it from the nineteenth volume of the Critical Review, p. 141.

    But we cannot complain of this critical activity, however misplaced.

    When it came to it, the Duke would hardly dare be too critical of him.

    The work is invaluable for its philological research and critical acumen.

    The delicacies of the best of us, moreover, depart at critical junctures.

    The times are critical, however, and the Secretary of War is very reserved, even when under positive orders to act.

    With the glasses on his nose he subjected his bonds to a critical examination.

    Now was the critical time for the three hanging against the glassy wall.

    During the process, we have reached some of our most critical limitations.

Word Origin & History of - critical

    Word Origin & History

    critical 1580s, "censorious," from critic + -al (1). Meaning "pertaining to criticism" is from 1741; medical sense is from c.1600; meaning "of the nature of a crisis" is from 1640s; that of "crucial" is from 1841. Related: Criticality (1756; in the nuclear sense, 1950); critically (1650s, "accurately;" 1815, "in a critical situation"). In nuclear science, critical mass is attested from 1940.

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