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Word Example of - criticism

    Example Sentences for criticism

    Conscience did not answer, but she felt the justice of the criticism.

    It follows that judgments are precluded and criticism is silenced.

    No criticism of Te Rauparaha is sound which represents him as wholly bad.

    The power of criticism is the one which education should chiefly train.

    Other criticism might be made on the anatomical proportions of the subjects.

    Though the music was open to criticism, the banquet surpassed their expectations.

    The long truce in the criticism of Trinitarian theology is drawing to its end.

    He grew heated, resenting this criticism of one who held that cowboys were noble.

    Miss Moore has already prewritten her counterblast to my criticism in her poem "to a Steam Roller."

    Mr. Perkins never came closer than this to a criticism of the longshoreman.

Word Origin & History of - criticism

    Word Origin & History

    criticism c.1600, "action of criticizing," from critic + -ism. Meaning "art of estimating literary worth" is from 1670s.

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