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What is a better word for croak? What's another word for croak? What are 5 "croak synonyms"? How can I replace the word croak? What is the meaning of croak in English?

Word Example of - croak

    Example Sentences for croak

    At once he uttered a croak of agony, and would have collapsed once more if Armathwaite were not supporting him.

    In the hour of the earthquake, no one heeds the croak of the raven.

    Only a heron's croak sounded in the darkness; there were no lights where I knew the Mayfield settlement to be.

    The ravens did NOT croak ominously from the battlements as he entered.

    But, Henny, I'm going to croak on your hands if you don't take me somewhere to get some food.

    All I know is I'll croak Quintana if he even turns up askin' for 'em.

    For right at my back came one loud word—more like a croak than a word, in my way of thinking.

    My country, 'tis of thee, Land where things used to be So cheap, we croak.

    When it has got it, the Great Great One should be its dog, even as yonder crow dared to croak not many days since.

    If you wanted to drink by yourself, you could croak by yourself.

Word Origin & History of - croak

    Word Origin & History

    croak c.1460, crouken, onomatopoeic or related to O.E. cracian (see crack). Slang meaning "to die" is first recorded 1812, from sound of death rattle. Croaker "prophet of evil" (1637) is from the raven (cf. M.E. crake "a raven," c.1320, from O.N. kraka "crow," of imitative origin).