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"cross-the-Rubicon Synonyms"

What is a better word for cross-the-Rubicon? What's another word for cross-the-Rubicon? What are 5 "cross-the-Rubicon synonyms"? How can I replace the word cross-the-Rubicon? What is the meaning of cross-the-Rubicon in English?

Word Example of - cross-the-Rubicon

    Example Sentences for cross

    We happened then to cross the street, and the traffic prevented us from speaking.

    Could any way be found to cross the expanse that lay between them and the flagship?

    Charlie boy, try to tell Mary, where was he when the cross girl got him?

    One day lately, when the water was low, he offered to cross the weir at Dingleford.

    Nurse says she is a naughty, cross woman, and I don't love her.

    He could not have thought we intended to go down the river and cross the bar in the night.

    "You are as little fitted to cross the desert of Sahara as any one I ever met," she said.

    It came from a cross that had been planted just out of reach of the sea.

    Laputa would be in a hurry, and therefore he would try to cross at the nearest point.

    It also swims well, and can cross rivers and lakes a couple of miles broad.

Word Origin & History of - cross-the-Rubicon

    Word Origin & History

    cross O.E. cros, from O.Ir. cros, probably via Scandinavian, from L. crux (gen. crucis) "stake, cross," originally a tall, round pole; possibly of Phoenician origin. Replaced O.E. rood.