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Word Example of - crossfire

    Example Sentences for crossfire

    The wounded are lying in heaps, and the crossfire of the Indians, now centering from all points, threatens utter extermination.

    He also had a crossfire, that he used at times with telling effect.

    They were overeager to contact the fighters and one of them caught a crossfire as he roared in.

    The wood rang with the crossfire of the foes who could not see each other.

    The direct and crossfire of these guns were so coordinated that many guns could play upon a dangerous enemy approach.

    Several had been wounded in the crossfire of the two opposing forces, but their bodies had been removed.

    The questions of father and son were a crossfire, and it must be owned they had good reason for amazement.

    So they kept up a crossfire of remarks, sometimes more or less witty, until the last apple that could be reached was bagged.

    But he knew vaguely that he'd been caught in a crossfire between the cautious Purcell and the bold, arrogant Glaudot.

    The mayor was without ammunition to return Gibson's crossfire of charges against the administration.

Word Origin & History of - crossfire

    Word Origin & History of crossfire

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