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The Synonym of - crossroad (noun)

Word Example of - crossroad

    Example Sentences for crossroad

    That night we camped at a little village, or crossroad hamlet, I think called Buckeystown.

    They came to a crossroad, turned into it, and stopped short before a gate.

    Your husband left us at the very first crossroad toward your place and I was absorbed with my new-old neighbors' affairs.

    At a crossroad, in fact, the white pack had vanished into void.

    I knew every signpost, every crossroad, every foot of the ground.

    She had not gone far when she saw a boy coming out of a crossroad.

    Of course, I do not refer to German crossroad politicians and kindred blockheads.

    There is a crossroad there, you remember, cutting through to the lake, and I turned in.

    My reward was the discovery of a crossroad, a mere wagon track, into which I gladly turned, and plodded along steadily.

    The pursuers too had reached the turning into the crossroad.

Word Origin & History of - crossroad

    Word Origin & History

    crossroad 1719, from cross (adj.) + road.

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