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The Synonym of - crossroads (noun)

Word Example of - crossroads

    Example Sentences for crossroads

    Jemima had driven down to the crossroads store for some pressing necessity of the sewing-room.

    They had now gained a crossroads, and here the doctor halted.

    I am honest, and fear no man, and I say that Motier has long been at the crossroads.

    The old house at Crossroads was just across the way from her little school.

    At a crossroads stood an old brick house, an ancient rarity upon a landscape white-spotted with wooden cottages.

    Since the night of the Crossroads ball Geoffrey had permitted himself to hope.

    For the land will never again stand at the crossroads, the four-corners of the civilized world.

    The Crossroads practice will never be a money-making practice.

    A new church had been built at the crossroads, and an eminent divine had come from San Francisco to preach the opening sermon.

    That I stay here at Crossroads, keeping the old house open for you.

Word Origin & History of - crossroads

    Word Origin & History

    crossroads 1795, in fig. sense of "a turning point, a moment of decision;" from crossroad. In U.S., used for "a crossroads and little more; small, dull town" by 1845.

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