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Word Example of - crowd

    Example Sentences for crowd

    The crowd, we soon discovered, was bourgeois in the extreme.

    Jim breathed a sigh of relief as they cleared the crowd and could quicken their pace.

    The crowd at the morning audience of the great Roman jurisconsult lessens.

    And then suddenly came a loud cry from the outskirts of the crowd.

    The crowd, delirious, cries and sobs in a paroxysm of despair.

    And he seemed likely to be successful, too, for the cry appeared to please the crowd.

    Looks like there will be quite a crowd here to-day, doesn't it?

    Some spectacle now drew the attention of the crowd another way.

    The crowd parted again—the Senator moved on—again the crowd closed in.

    The only fact at present apparent was, that the crowd was every moment increasing.

Word Origin & History of - crowd

    Word Origin & History

    crowd O.E. crudan "to press, crush." The noun is first attested 1567; the earlier word was press.

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