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Word Example of - crowded

    Example Sentences for crowded

    Even in the crowded, noisy station this simple picture was vivid.

    The shores were crowded with steamboats and sailing-vessels.

    The best and the meanest of France were crowded together in his two ships.

    The ships were crowded with visitors, but not a single person had a weapon of any sort.

    A great earthquake had crowded all its might into a mole-hill.

    At every village which was passed, the banks would be crowded with the astounded natives.

    “The fashionable hotels are all crowded out in the season,” Mrs Moffatt explained.

    The frail canoes were so crowded that there was no room to store away any game.

    As they crowded round to kiss the infant's hand, the hall rang with the shouts, "We will die for our king, Maria Theresa!"

    His wigwam was large, though but a single room, and was crowded with his wives and children.

Word Origin & History of - crowded

    Word Origin & History

    crowd O.E. crudan "to press, crush." The noun is first attested 1567; the earlier word was press.

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