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Word Example of - crowning

    Example Sentences for crowning

    And though the revel must languish, yet we attend the refrain of all the melodies in crowning rapture.

    To Violet there comes one crowning glory, that is the promised matinee.

    The whole Peninsular war forms a commentary on this text, with Waterloo for a crowning lesson.

    And added to this pleasure was the crowning glory of both a rifle and a revolver!

    And all the altars that were in the house she visited in like manner, crowning them with myrtle leaves and praying at them.

    As to the crowning of his son William, he gave the final decision to Lanfranc.

    Bedford realized this by and by, and tried to patch up his mistake by crowning his King; but what good could that do?

    Such an hour as this would be a crowning triumph to the apex of life.

    The crowning feature of their hospitality was the banquet on Thursday night.

    The next large painting represents "The Crowning of the Elect."

Word Origin & History of - crowning

    Word Origin & History

    crown early 12c., from Anglo-Fr. coroune, from O.Fr. corone, from L. corona "crown," originally "wreath, garland," related to Gk. korone "anything curved, kind of crown." (O.E. used corona, directly from L.) Extended to coins bearing the imprint of a crown (early 15c.), especially the British silver 5-shilling piece. Also monetary units in Iceland, Sweden (krona), Norway, Denmark (krone), and formerly in Ger. Empire and Austria-Hungary (krone). Meaning "top of the skull" is from c.1300. The verb is from late 12c. Crown-prince is 1791, a translation of Ger. kronprinz.

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