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Word Example of - crucial

    Example Sentences for crucial

    He waved both arms continually, bending his body almost double and straightening up again, in crucial efforts for emphasis.

    The crucial battle of the war, Gettysburg, was being fought.

    The crucial test of the short story is the manner in which it begins.

    Here we had lighted on a crucial instance of the march of cultural progress.

    When the children were growing up and in the crucial stage of adolescens, the father was like some ugly irritant to their souls.

    The crucial feature in that struggle was the conquest of the sea.

    Thus did Jenny Lind tell the crucial event of her life in her own graphic manner.

    She moved her hands nervelessly and put the painful, crucial question.

    This is a very terse way of putting a crucial objection to Burke's whole view of French affairs in 1789.

    This was a crucial point, and I saw that Mr. Rogers approached the task with no gusto.

Word Origin & History of - crucial

    Word Origin & History

    crucial 1706, from Fr. crucial, a medical term for ligaments of the knee (which cross each other), from L. crux (gen. crucis) "cross." The meaning "decisive, critical" is extended from a logical term, Instantias Crucis, adopted by Francis Bacon (1620); the notion is of cross fingerboard signposts at forking roads, thus a requirement to choose.

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