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What is a better word for cruise? What's another word for cruise? What are 5 "cruise synonyms"? How can I replace the word cruise? What is the meaning of cruise in English?

Word Example of - cruise

    Example Sentences for cruise

    Then you believe that she got Dalky to invite her on this cruise?

    I was a slip of a fifteen cabin-boy on my first cruise, and then I got on to being skipper.

    Thus had they parted; and the old gentleman was again absent on a cruise.

    I have to find a crew for her, for we are going off on a cruise in three or four days.

    Taking a cruise around, looking at the monkeys and pineapple-trees.

    You won't see any Rhine, except a pork rind, on this cruise.

    Nineteen at his next coming; but young Dan'l Tobey, risen to be fourth mate on that cruise with Noll, laid siege to her.

    Some of them went so far as to send warships to cruise along the Riffian coast.

    The objects of this cruise can hardly be even conjectured; some imagine that curiosity was Holborne's sole motive.

    Note A:Discharged to hospital, and died during our cruise to the north.

Word Origin & History of - cruise

    Word Origin & History

    cruise 1650s, from Du. kruisen "to cross, sail to and fro," from kruis "cross," from L. crux.