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Word Example of - crumb

    Example Sentences for crumb

    He slily got a crumb between a finger and thumb and shot it as boys do marbles, keeping the hand quite still.

    She thought she could not swallow a crumb; but she was mistaken.

    He took a piece of the crumb, wiped it round his plate edge, and held it up to her mouth.

    I could turn the crumb round and let you get it, but you shall take it properly in your hand.

    When every crumb is picked up and eaten, we all lift our eyes to heaven, and the father repeats a prayer of thanksgiving to God.

    Why, a man didn't know where to turn himself for a crumb of comfort.

    He would go in, a nobody, and pick up a crumb of entertainment.

    Try if the fat is hot by dropping a crumb into it; if it browns at once, put in the fish.

    By and by one of the wrens flying near the new abode, pecked at a crumb.

    Slice to these the crumb of four small rolls, and then strain to it three quarts of good veal gravy, boiled with a blade of mace.

Word Origin & History of - crumb

    Word Origin & History

    crumb O.E. cruma, from a W.Gmc. root of obscure origin. The -b- appeared c.1450, in part by analogy with words like dumb, in part from crumble. Slang meaning "lousy person" is 1918, from crumb, U.S. slang for "body-louse" (1863), so called from resemblance.

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