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Word Example of - crumble

    Example Sentences for crumble

    Well, the old altar began to crumble, and parts of it fell away from time to time.

    She looked about her with the wish that the earth might crumble into pieces.

    All at once my bones seemed to crumble and my flesh dissolve.

    The disintegration that will crumble our enemies has already begun.

    You have seen how the air helps to crumble the stone and brick in old buildings.

    Such a fact may crumble to pieces and give place to another.

    The fires of the Judgment Day will not crumble off one of the letters.

    With every lurch of her feet, Andrew expected to feel her crumble beneath him.

    And if the cohesion was to crumble what would become of poor Pemberton?

    It seemed too bright for a thing formed of dust, and doomed to crumble into dust again.

Word Origin & History of - crumble

    Word Origin & History

    crumble O.E. *crymelan, presumed frequentative of gecrymman "to break into crumbs," from cruma (see crumb). The -b- is probably on analogy of Fr. words like humble, where it belongs.

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