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The Synonym of - crumbling (verb)

Word Example of - crumbling

    Example Sentences for crumbling

    Of the imposing edifice in which he was born there was left only bare and crumbling walls.

    In front towered the grey, crumbling walls of the ancient rampart.

    He now felt carefully about for a support for his feet, but the crumbling pebbles rolled away with every movement.

    But the entrance to the tunnel is a wide crater, with crumbling walls.

    Many of the brackets supporting a solitary balcony were of beautiful design, though the greater number were defaced and crumbling.

    Mauburn felt the rock foundations of Manhattan Island to be crumbling to dust.

    The crumbling ledges at the end of the point were full of holes and crevices into which the beast could dodge.

    And in the immediate foreground were the tumbled, crumbling memorials of the dead.

    There was a sound of crumbling snow: and how nice to have a house and a blaze upon the hearth!

    Comfort was the apex of the pyramid which is now crumbling away.

Word Origin & History of - crumbling

    Word Origin & History

    crumble O.E. *crymelan, presumed frequentative of gecrymman "to break into crumbs," from cruma (see crumb). The -b- is probably on analogy of Fr. words like humble, where it belongs.

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