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Word Example of - crunch

    Example Sentences for crunch

    She was in the bathroom; then she began to crunch down; then she fell on her face like a board and struck her head on the floor.

    Every minute I expected to see a streak of fire, or hear the crunch of an ax.

    She heard the crunch of wheels, a low murmur of voices; beyond this, nothing more.

    From outside came the crunch of moccasined feet on the frozen snow.

    There was a crunch of breaking bone, and the white dog faced him on three legs.

    Then she heard the crunch of his footsteps in the dry leaves behind the Cabin.

    Some big animal—a hound most probably—was gnawing a bone—crunch, crunch, crunch!

    Nepcote heard the crunch of their feet on the gravel as they passed.

    His great jaws opened and closed with a snap—but not on the crunch of human flesh, not on the crackle of human bones.

    Tom threw him one bone, which he proceeded to crunch up vigorously.

Word Origin & History of - crunch

    Word Origin & History

    crunch 1814, from craunch (1630s), probably of imitative origin. The noun is 1836, from the verb; the sense of "critical moment" was popularized by Winston Churchill, whose first recorded use of it was in 1939.

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