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Word Example of - crush

    Example Sentences for crush

    As he felt the heel of the mountain about crush his head, he sprang again to his feet.

    You may crush out nihilism to-day, but you cannot crush it out forever.

    And one must crush mountains of quartz and wash hills of sand to get it.

    Crush the resulting hash with the blade of a knife to make it very fine.

    To “crush Prussian militarism” does not mean only to crush the German armies.

    And Rodolphe finished his sentence with a gesture that said, "I could crush him with a flip of my finger."

    They caused the devil to enter into the Pope's horse, that it might cast the rider and crush him to death.

    In the hurry and crush I had found no opportunity for an explanation.

    It is a fatal fact, and one indicating a profound social evil, that light should crush the shadow!

    Must I crush the poor dry thing back, and hurt all that is left to hurt of it?

Word Origin & History of - crush

    Word Origin & History

    crush late 14c., from O.Fr. croisir "to gnash (teeth), crash, break," perhaps from Frank. *krostjan "to gnash." Sense of "person one is infatuated with" is first recorded 1884; to have a crush on is from 1913.

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