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Word Example of - crust

    Example Sentences for crust

    He knew that the crust would hold until the weight of his body was upon it.

    As the crust of the earth was so thin, it bent and wrinkled easily.

    Bake with one crust, cover with meringue, and return to the oven until puffed and brown.

    The crust of the earth wrinkled as the skin of an apple does when it dries.

    Finally, one of our packhorses broke through the crust, and down he went to his sides in the mud.

    The plough has hardly moved on before the crust begins to form again.

    I have no room that even your steed would deign to accept, Sir Knight; and naught save a crust of bread and pitcher of water.

    "Please give me something to buy a crust of bread," she pleaded.

    There it was, a mere nubbin of crust and so hard it might almost have been taken for a petrified specimen of prehistoric bread.

    When it begins to brown, wash the crust with the white of an egg.

Word Origin & History of - crust

    Word Origin & History

    crust early 14c., from L. crusta "rind, crust, shell, bark," from PIE *krus-to-, from base *kreus- "to begin to freeze, form a crust" (cf. Skt. krud- "make hard, thicken;" Avestan xruzdra- "hard;" Gk. krystallos "ice, crystal," kryos "icy cold, frost;" Lett. kruwesis "frozen mud;" O.H.G. hrosa "ice, crust;" O.E. hruse "earth;" O.N. hroðr "scurf"). Meaning "outer shell of the earth" is from 1550s.

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