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Word Example of - crux

    Example Sentences for crux

    The language is straightforward on the whole, almost the only crux being ii.

    The crux of the communication, like that of a school-girl's letter, comes last.

    The terminals are the crux of the whole great problem of handling suburban traffic.

    They had come to the crux which Crashaw had wished to avoid.

    All this is valid enough; but it leaves the crux of the question untouched.

    That was the crux of the whole thing—he, Peter Ogilvie, was the next heir.

    Hinckley, who had an admirable power of seeing the crux of a situation, was making a rather grave prognosis for us.

    "That 'somehow' is the crux, my dear Livia," said Mrs. Sinclair.

    Here is the truth, here is the crux, here is the whole thing in a sentence.

    Absolute and perfect union is possible only at the center, the crux, of Being.

Word Origin & History of - crux

    Word Origin & History

    crux 1814, "cross," from L. crux "cross." Figurative use for "a central difficulty," is older, from 1718; perhaps from L. crux interpretum "a point in a text that is impossible to interpret," in which the literal sense is something like "crossroads of interpreters."

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