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Word Example of - cuddle

    Example Sentences for cuddle

    I did have longings to cuddle them in my apron and I did want to take them down to the brook.

    You are the Devil's own son, Ivan; come and let me cuddle you.

    You'll have to cuddle down with me; you're beautifully warm at any rate.

    He was not fond of petting, but allowed one or two honored beings to cuddle him.

    "To see ye, Mike," was the ending of her sentence, as she trotted to Donald's gift and began to cuddle it.

    Cuddle up against me, darling, and try and go to sleep then.

    Gin I had a bonny wee dog I'd gie 'im ma ain brose, an' cuddle 'im, an' he couldna gang awa'.

    I expect they cuddle you and play with you and hold you 'most exactly like mothers.

    An' when I woke up again, thinkin' her'd cuddle me then, her gave me a kick an' got out bed.

    Then it was a joy to rush back to bed and cuddle closely in the warmth.

Word Origin & History of - cuddle

    Word Origin & History

    cuddle c.1520, probably a variant of obs. cull, coll "to embrace" (see collar), or perhaps M.E. *couthelen, from couth "known," hence "comfortable with." The word has a spotty early history, and it seems to have been a nursery word at first. Related: Cuddly (1863).