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What is a better word for cue? What's another word for cue? What are 5 "cue synonyms"? How can I replace the word cue? What is the meaning of cue in English?

Word Example of - cue

    Example Sentences for cue

    The cue of the Chinaman is equally as acceptable as hairs from the mane of the English lion.

    Unlike the rest of the people, they neither shaved nor wore the cue.

    The withdrawal of the outlaws was the cue for absurd activity on the part of the train crew.

    I gave one final glance at the Governor's wife and read my cue.

    "George Washin'ton, I aimed to say," triumphantly screamed the little boy, who had received his cue.

    He taught him how to hold the cue, and he told him how to make a bridge.

    Hendry took his cue quickly enough, and hailed the two other boats.

    Having missed my cue from the beginning, I was now utterly confused.

    All three understand whom he means, but it is the cue of Gegence to assume a different signification.

    Kent took this as his cue to fire, but his aim was even worse than Abe's.

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    Word Origin & History of cue

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