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The Synonym of - culminating (verb)

Word Example of - culminating

    Example Sentences for culminating

    And yet, even the rise of the bankers is not the only or the surest indication that centralization is culminating.

    This was the culminating point of anxiety with their friends.

    The seizure of Briseis, his special "mead of honour," is only the last straw, the culminating insult.

    It is not often that they will attain these culminating heights of spiritual exaltation.

    Beyond, the immense upward sweep of golden dunes, culminating in the Great Pyramid itself.

    And then Mr. Gollop sat up and grinned with the culminating joy of the morning!

    Most seamen remember in their life one or two such nights of a culminating gale.

    It was a sort of culminating point in his own grey thoughts.

    This mountain forms the culminating point of a wide volcanic tract, over which are distributed numberless vents of eruption.

    The victory at this point was239 the culminating event of the war.

Word Origin & History of - culminating

    Word Origin & History

    culminate 1640s, from L.L. culminatus, pp. of culminare "to crown," from L. culmen (gen. culminis) "peak, summit," contraction of columen (see column).

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