"cunning Synonyms"

What is a better word for cunning? What's another word for cunning? What are 5 "cunning synonyms"? How can I replace the word cunning? What is the meaning of cunning in English?

Word Example of - cunning

    Example Sentences for cunning

    The most cunning,” was the reply, “can always contrive to appear the most simple.

    They realized that at any moment the cunning villain might leap at them.

    He was working against cunning men, and had to be as cunning as they.

    I will go to Hrymer's dwelling and get the mile-wide kettle from him by force or cunning.

    He is as full of cunning as an ape, and, I warrant me, would act his part marvellously.

    "I will let this be done," said old Hreidmar with the sharp and cunning eyes.

    The cunning Mimi secretly longed to steal out into the world and find that magic ring.

    Cunning should win the day since rage and coercion had failed.

    There lay the scheming, busy head, but what availed all its calculations and its cunning now!

    So, what nature had refused, the cunning and labor of man had to supply.

Word Origin & History of - cunning

    Word Origin & History

    cunning early 14c., prp. of cunnen "to know" (see can (v.)). Originally meaning "learned;" the sense of "skillfully deceitful" is probably 14c.