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What is a better word for curb? What's another word for curb? What are 5 "curb synonyms"? How can I replace the word curb? What is the meaning of curb in English?

Word Example of - curb

    Example Sentences for curb

    An empty auto stood by the curb, but no other vehicle or person was in sight.

    On the Curb brokers were shouting their wares with their accustomed gusto.

    We were driven to a little wooden house, set close against the curb.

    The car was close to the curb, and Alma Marston put out her hand and signaled to him.

    With light-mouthed horses, either a leather curb or a curb chain sewn in leather will be found the best.

    And, suddenly, with a bound, he jumped into a motor-cab which was waiting beside the curb.

    And we need to be curbed on occasion, as the only way in which we may eventually become able to curb ourselves.

    That girl, madam, needs the curb, and you have been guiding her with the snaffle.'

    Perceiving the Candy Wagon at the curb he paused, scrutinising it jauntily, through a monocle formed by a thumb and finger.

    On a sudden impulse he pulled the car over to the curb and stopped the motor.

Word Origin & History of - curb

    Word Origin & History

    curb late 15c., "strap passing under the jaw of a horse," from O.Fr. courbe "curve, curb," from L. curvus, from curvare "to bend" (see curve). Meaning "enclosed framework" is from 1510s, probably originally with a notion of "curved;" extended to margins of garden beds 1731; to "margin of stone between a sidewalk and road" 1836 (sometimes spelled kerb). The verb (1520s) is from the notion of putting a curb on a horse; fig. sense first attested 1580s.