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Word Example of - cursory

    Example Sentences for cursory

    Perhaps the disappointment of my cursory reconnoiter showed itself in my expression.

    Hastings stood up, his first, cursory examination concluded.

    The tragic story is too intricate to refer to here in more than a cursory manner.

    After a cursory examination he rose to his feet and pulled Mart up also.

    The most cursory study of her institutions and social, economic, and political life demonstrate that fact.

    He who writes for cursory reading is wise if he writes cursorily.

    From a cursory glance, we may carry away wholly mistaken conceptions of its thought and purpose.

    To give more than a cursory description of our impressions is impossible.

    There was no abstraction about Letitia, no cursory, unweighed chattering of things so obvious as to need no comment.

    After a cursory look at the boy, she smiled at him and went back to work.

Word Origin & History of - cursory

    Word Origin & History

    cursory c.1600, from M.Fr. cursoire "rapid," from L.L. cursorius "of a race or running," from L. cursor "runner," from cursum, pp. of currere "to run" (see current).

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