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Word Example of - curt

    Example Sentences for curt

    With this curt reply, she turned her shoulder very coolly on the searcher for information.

    For that fond purpose, she was curt with her maid, and reproachful with herself.

    He issued a curt command, and there was the sound of movement.

    Alec's answer was so curt that it was impossible to question him further.

    Cavaradossi breaks off from his curt and guarded replies to Scarpia's questioning on hearing Tosca's voice.

    "From the soldiers," was the curt reply of the Procureur-General.

    My suggestive friend has taken to postcards, and his style, never diffuse, has become as curt as that of Mr. Alfred Jingle.

    "Let us talk no more of the subject," was the curt rejoinder.

    All this waiting and wondering, and then a curt telegram of the night before, saying, “Release her.”

    She remembered the short, curt answers of the hard-eyed Pierce.

Word Origin & History of - curt

    Word Origin & History

    curt mid-14c., from L. curtus "(cut) short, shortened," from PIE base *(s)ker- "to cut" (see short). Sense of "rude" is first recorded 1831. The L. word was adopted early into most Gmc. languages (cf. Icelandic korta, Ger. kurz, etc.) and drove out the native words based on P.Gmc. *skurt-, but English retains short.

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