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What is a better word for curtail? What's another word for curtail? What are 5 "curtail synonyms"? How can I replace the word curtail? What is the meaning of curtail in English?

Word Example of - curtail

    Example Sentences for curtail

    I would not curtail one of their infant joys, nor cut off one of their young pleasures.

    We have lost five days here, and I shall be compelled to curtail my journey.

    General Brussilov here interrupted me, and asked me to curtail my Report, as the Conference would otherwise be too protracted.

    I would not wish for a moment to curtail the holy rights of wimmen.

    It is not going to curtail his exercise of shooting for sport because the police make a check of his background.

    We disclaimed having any desire to curtail their letter-writing.

    Moreover, they were obliged to sell only in Great Britain, where heavy imposts served to curtail the net profits of the producer.

    Therefore, to turn him into mere power, you have to curtail his soul as much as possible.

    By these he helps to establish the sovereignty of Ahura, and to curtail the power of "the Lie."

    No one wishes to interfere with or curtail the garden grounds.

Word Origin & History of - curtail

    Word Origin & History

    curtail late 15c., from M.Fr. courtault "made short," from court "short," from L. curtus (see curt) + -ault pejorative suffix of Gmc. origin. Originally curtal; used of horses with docked tails, which probably influenced the spelling.