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Word Example of - curtailing

    Example Sentences for curtailing

    He apologises for curtailing a few lines from 2400 folio pages!

    Mahmoud was bent on depriving them of their wealth and curtailing their privileges.

    Alexander would make many friends among the people by curtailing the monopoly.

    "Come in this way, madam," he added with grave dignity, but curtailing the bow.

    Note its inscription to human goodwill, curtailing the period, and staying the bloodshed of the war.

    There has been talk of curtailing your liberty to some extent.

    My own rule is different from any adopted by these: I will take no liberties, I will have no curtailing of my liberty.

    For some months before my sickness I had been curtailing my hours of sleep.

    All reform which might result in curtailing his salary was opposed by Ernesti, and the cantor seconded his opposition.

    But it should be noted that this does not dispense with curtailing of consumption, and "abstinence."

Word Origin & History of - curtailing

    Word Origin & History

    curtail late 15c., from M.Fr. courtault "made short," from court "short," from L. curtus (see curt) + -ault pejorative suffix of Gmc. origin. Originally curtal; used of horses with docked tails, which probably influenced the spelling.

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