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Word Example of - curve

    Example Sentences for curve

    The curve at the end of the mold is cut out to fit and beveled in like manner.

    Let us follow the curve of the wall until we reach an opening in it.

    He skirted the curve of the valley and led Bolly a little way up the wooded slope to a dense thicket of aspens in a hollow.

    Their car was just rounding the curve into the gap in front of Mount Pilot.

    Dick started to curve an imaginary ball in his right hand, then glanced over the principal's desk.

    The dam is built on a curve, the bow being towards the reservoir.

    Round the curve he hurried, and what he saw almost paralysed him.

    In three days' work on a curve, the same gang placed 26.37 cu.

    This curve has been followed to a temperature of 0, the pressure at this point being 113 cm.

    They were mere skin and bone; no sign of baby chubbiness, no curve or dimple.

Word Origin & History of - curve

    Word Origin & History

    curve 1590s, from L. curvus "crooked, curved, bent," from curvus, from curvare "to bend," from PIE base *(s)ker- "to turn, bend" (see ring). The noun is attested from 1690s, "curved line;" with ref. to the female figure (usually pl.), from 1862; as a type of baseball pitch, from 1879. Related: Curvy (1902).

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