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Word Example of - custom

    Example Sentences for custom

    Do your work honestly and thoroughly, even though it be the custom to do otherwise.

    This colonelcy was an honorary title which he held by custom rather than by law.

    It was this lady's custom to walk among her flowers and fruit trees.

    The ethics of Shinto were all included in conformity to custom.

    It was an outrage on Oriental custom; and as such the narrative sets it before us.

    This knowledge may produce shame and an effort to breed out the custom.

    It sends its roots through every institution and custom of the land.

    The origin of the custom was in war; the women were captives.

    "That's it; we drink, but according to custom," put in the mayor.

    When it became the custom to retire it became indecent not to retire.

Word Origin & History of - custom

    Word Origin & History

    custom c.1200, "habitual practice," from O.Fr. costume, from V.L. *consuetumen, from L. consuetudinem (nom. consuetudo) "habit or usage," from consuetus, pp. of consuescere "accustom," from com- intens. prefix + suescere "become used to, accustom oneself," related to sui, gen. of suus "oneself," from PIE *swe- "oneself" (see idiom). Replaced O.E. þeaw. Sense of a "regular" toll or tax on goods is early 14c.

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