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What is a better word for customary? What's another word for customary? What are 5 "customary synonyms"? How can I replace the word customary? What is the meaning of customary in English?

Word Example of - customary

    Example Sentences for customary

    The Earth-quake of Jamaica may have been worked over longer than was customary.

    It was customary with him, when called up at night to visit a patient, to ring for Sam.

    It is customary in European marine engines to limit the speed of the piston to about two hundred and twenty feet per minute.

    There they applied the customary restoratives and she revived.

    In the past it has been customary to recognize two or more subgenera of the genus Lepus.

    Spender broke in then with his customary cold, quiet speech.

    Men's faces were soberly elate, and even Master Hopkins relaxed his customary sternness.

    Competitive wages are paid side by side with customary wages.

    Tea was negotiated, as customary at the Towers, and he made a parade of his independence over it.

    At the vicarage gate she was let off without the customary final gossip.

Word Origin & History of - customary

    Word Origin & History

    customary 1520s, from M.L. custumarius, from L. consuetudinarius, from consuetitudinem (see custom). Related: Customarily (1610s).