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What is a better word for cut? What's another word for cut? What are 5 "cut synonyms"? How can I replace the word cut? What is the meaning of cut in English?

Word Example of - cut

    Example Sentences for cut

    They'll all want to cut in—Sedgefield, Bember, and the rest.

    The calyx is cut from lemon wax, shaded green and also brown.

    I am not going to cut my own throat for the sake of mending any man's little finger.

    She was being tossed about by a raging sea and cut up by the fire from the guns.

    When this has dried, sand with No. 00 paper, being careful not to "cut through."

    I rang the speed-bell as soon as I felt that we were fairly through the cut in the levee.

    This cut represents the different strata in Robin Hood cave.

    He dabbed at the cut cheek, then reached back into the case for an instrument.

    Little has ever been cut, because the land where it grows is not demanded for agriculture.

    He grinned, then looked curiously at his superior's cut cheek.

Word Origin & History of - cut

    Word Origin & History

    cut late 13c., possibly Scandinavian, from N.Gmc. *kut-, or from O.Fr. couteau "knife." Replaced O.E. ceorfan "carve," sniþan, and scieran "shear." Meaning "to be absent without excuse" is British university slang from 1794. The noun meaning "gash, incision" is attested from 1520s; meaning "piece cut off" is from 1590s; sense of "a wounding sarcasm" is from 1560s. To cut a pack of cards is from 1590s.