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Word Example of - cut-off

    Example Sentences for cut-off

    The admission port is closed, cut-off having taken place, and the steam is expanding.

    Both of these river towns have been retired to the country by that cut-off.

    In the case of a hold (fermata), the movement for the cut-off depends upon the nature of what follows.

    There's been a cut-off in that section, and Vicksburg is left out in the cold.

    A blue-black cloud overhanging the green head of the cut-off had suddenly widened across all that quarter and turned leaden gray.

    Figures 325 and 326 show the cam wrist plate and the cut-off mechanism.

    In other words, it is the ratio of the final volume of the steam at the end of the stroke to its volume at the point of cut-off.

    His finger crept to the air-speed indicator, then to the cut-off switch.

    By this means a cut-off could be effected between waste-pipes and the sewerage system.

    In a few minutes the craft had worked its way into a cut-off from the creek.

Word Origin & History of - cut-off

    Word Origin & History

    cut late 13c., possibly Scandinavian, from N.Gmc. *kut-, or from O.Fr. couteau "knife." Replaced O.E. ceorfan "carve," sniþan, and scieran "shear." Meaning "to be absent without excuse" is British university slang from 1794. The noun meaning "gash, incision" is attested from 1520s; meaning "piece cut off" is from 1590s; sense of "a wounding sarcasm" is from 1560s. To cut a pack of cards is from 1590s.

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