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Word Example of - cut-rate

    Example Sentences for cut-rate

    I wouldn't go trotting back there on a cut-rate excursion, let alone making a pilgrimage to the sacred, I mean scared, spot.

    His one extravagance, in the past, had been cut-rate seats in the best theatres.

    Would you blow her to a bowl of chow mein at some chop suey joint, or could you get by with a nut sundae at a cut-rate drug store?

    Even the Cut-Rate Pharmacy itself could afford but one of each.

    Special bargains in linen crash and batiste are offered on the same day with a cut-rate edition of "Damaged Goods."

    The Euphoriatorium was a large, garish place which specialized in cut-rate drugs and aphrodisiacs.

    To add to my troubles Stigler advertised a cut-rate sale on garden seeds!

    She kept up on the cut-rate game, and when people asked for things she didn't have she just sent 'em to Belcher's.

    For the Cut-rate had not cut his salary, which, sordidly speaking, ranked him star boarder at the Peek's.

    Purkes's cut-rate grocery store will sell you all you want for ten cents each.

Word Origin & History of - cut-rate

    Word Origin & History of - cut-rate

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