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What is a better word for cyclopedia? What's another word for cyclopedia? What are 5 "cyclopedia synonyms"? How can I replace the word cyclopedia? What is the meaning of cyclopedia in English?

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    Example Sentences for cyclopedia

    Here is a brief statement about charades taken from a cyclopedia.

    This coincided with the Cyclopedia and suggested the first lesson she should give.

    "That's why I'm such a cyclopedia of accurate information, ma'am," Roger retorted.

    He contributed the mathematical articles for Rees's Cyclopedia.

    I don't remember what that technical phrase was, but I think you will find it in any Cyclopedia under the head of "Brass."

    A list to the year 1873 is printed in the "Cyclopedia of American Literature."

    It is generally supposed that cyclopedia articles are prepared by specialists who know what they are writing about.

    I had looked it up in the cyclopedia and the Century dictionary.

    The following figure from the Cyclopedia of Agriculture, with the explanation, fully illustrates this idea.

    The unscientific reader can go to the botanical manual or cyclopedia and under this name find the species described.

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