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Word Example of - cytology

    Example Sentences for cytology

    Cytology (cell word), the study of the cell, the constituent unit of organisms.

    In discussing these species the reader may be referred to Professor Harper's study of cytology, Bot.

    By genetic experiment, cytology and physiological chemistry aiding, we may hope to acquire such knowledge.

    The cytology of the fat body of the common roach, Blatella germanica, with emphasis on intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies.

    And yet, in spite of this fact, there are few fields of scientific work possessing more general interest than that of cytology.

    Lamarck died before the rise of the sciences of morphology, embryology, and cytology.

    My aim is to describe the present position of our knowledge of Cytology.

Word Origin & History of - cytology

    Word Origin & History

    cytology 1889, from cyto- + -ology.

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