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Word Example of - damaging

    Example Sentences for damaging

    And the obscurity would be damaging, were it not for an additional sentence in Luke, who records the same circumstance.

    So far as these opinions touched his career, both were damaging.

    How could Mr. Ferris substantiate by proof any of the damaging allegations he had made against publishers of high standing?

    And now, he thought, they would try to entrap him into some damaging admission.

    He lay awake for a time, wondering what motive the intruder could have for damaging the expedition.

    I would be a fool to go among them and receive some damaging blow.

    Active sabotage which consists in the damaging of goods or machinery.

    Oh, Annesley Beecher, can you not see how you are damaging your own cause?

    We got possession of three circulars in which that damaging statement had been sent broadcast.

    He felt as though he had been entrapped into a damaging exposure.

Word Origin & History of - damaging

    Word Origin & History

    damage late 13c., from O.Fr. damage "loss caused by injury," from dam "damage," from L. damnum "loss, hurt, damage."