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The Synonym of - damper (noun)

Word Example of - damper

    Example Sentences for damper

    Damper lifter buttons sometimes hold the damper off the string.

    She put a damper on the sudden enthusiasm that lilted into his voice.

    Closing the damper in summer keeps flies, mosquitoes, and other insects from entering the house down the chimney.

    The draught is regulated by the damper on the top of the chimney.

    Marjorie was recovering 175 from the damper she had lately received.

    This was a damper; for if the stairs were all made in this fashion, there could be no secret.

    It was all a confused muddle to him, and as his thoughts ran in this channel it put a damper on his spirits.

    “Let me fetch him a bit of damper, father,” whispered Rifle.

    The team, unheeded, had swung off from the desert into a road made in damper, richer soil.

    Bungarolo, Rigar, or Damper would follow the faintest trail.

Word Origin & History of - damper

    Word Origin & History

    damp early 14c., probably in O.E., but no record of it. If not, probably from M.L.G. damp; ult. from P.Gmc. *dampaz. Originally "a noxious vapor;" sense of "moisture" is first attested 1706. Damper of a piano is from 1783; of a chimney, 1788; either or both of which led to various figurative senses.

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