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Word Example of - dandle

    Example Sentences for dandle

    I trust Mrs. Terry will get her business easily over, and that you will soon "dandle Dickie on your knee."

    Before I die I'd love to dandle a child of yours upon my knee.

    I have dandled your sons and daughters, Roberta, and may I live to dandle theirs!

    Strange that it should undertake to dandle such delicate children in its arm.

    “My turn to dandle,” he said, with a sly look at his aunt, and convulsed everyone.

    It makes me laugh a little inwardly to see how they dandle their poetical babies, but I don't let them know it.

    And you'd love to have little grandsons to dandle on your knee.

    And if he had a little Harry dandle next Christmas, wouldn't he give him the first spoonful out of the marrow-bone!

    Where the young man brought his bride, even in a city home, there he hoped to dwell and dandle his grandchildren upon his knee.

    Nature, and his parents alike, dandle him, and 'tice him on with a bit of sugar to a draught of wormwood.

Word Origin & History of - dandle

    Word Origin & History

    dandle 1530, of unknown origin.