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Word Example of - darken

    Example Sentences for darken

    She was not sure he had even mentioned the theatre, but the mere possibility was enough to darken her sky.

    She walked softly to the window and adjusted the shade to darken the office.

    Use no sugar, and no allspice in the vinegar as it would tend to darken the onions.

    If there be no sulphur in the hair, they will not darken it.

    Stretches of pine woods behind, shutting in from the great outer world, and soon to darken into evening gloom.

    They swarm like our locusts; they darken the earth as our buffaloes darken the plains.

    Yet it goes hard with you that you should darken one side, when with both open you can scarce tell a horse from a mule.

    It already begins to darken; and we must have clear daylight for such a purpose.

    There are often clouds of sand in Arabia which darken the air and form dangerous whirlwinds.

    He was one of those described in the Bible who "darken counsel with words."

Word Origin & History of - darken

    Word Origin & History of darken

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